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You can also choose from a selection of gift-shop items, on which we can print any of the images in our collection. Please click here or on the photo below for details.

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Welcometo theold photogift shop

Here you will find many images of a bygone age, taken from my personal collection. Many of these pictures will not be found anywhere else and are shown here for the first time. Other images are more familiar, by well known artists and photographers.

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How to order paper printsHow to order paper prints
1) Please take your time to browse and click the various categories in our menu, shown here on the far left in blue. Just click on the image you like and it will enlarge. Please note that the image you receive will be of much better quality and clarity than the version on screen.

2) If you want to buy the selected photograph please follow the simple instructions and go to the shopping check out. Payment is by Paypal or credit card.

3) You can at any time return to the main index to add more images to your shopping basket, simply by clicking the on screen button.

All paper prints can be ordered directly via our online shop, and come in three standard approximate sizes. These are 6.25x5 inch, 10x8 inch & 15x12 inch. (For other Giftshop items such as mugs and place mats, a special Giftshop form is provided, (here on the bottom right), and I will invoice you by return.) All sizes in UK inches. 1 inch = 2.5cm

Please note: When buying vintage photographs, the images come in various sizes. Your print therefore may include some border areas where it has not been possible to scale the original image to a perfect 6.25x5, 10x8 etc. NB. All images are watermark copyrighted.

Postage and packing is kept at one rate regardless of how many paper images you buy at the same time. The world wide auto service will calculate postage and packing when you get to the checkout page. For all other gift items, such as mugs and place mats, postage will be calculated once the Giftshop form has been emailed to me. We endeavour to process all orders the same week, and they are posted in protective envelopes.

About Us
The Old Photo Giftshop will continue to add new images on a weekly basis. I have a love of period photography and the way it captures long lost moments in time. Today we are so blasé about photographs, but the images here were once seen with a different eye, one of wonder and fascination. Through the medium of these captured scenes, we can allow ourselves to drop into their world for a little while, and perhaps see it as they did. Indeed the collection was born out of seeing many of these images being destroyed. I hope that you enjoy looking through the collection as much as I have had collecting them.

Images sold on this site are for personal enjoyment only. We have spent many hours, sourcing and restoring these images for publication here. All images are discreetly copyright watermarked. Anyone wishing to use these images, for educational or commercial purposes, please contact us at: Also do contact us if you hold copyright to anything on this site, and have not been credited as such.

It is important to us to provide a quality image and not a cheap reproduction. We therefore only use archival inks, printed on quality paper. If you have any special requests we will do our best to accommodate you. We are constantly on the look out for collections of early images, so do let us know if you have any for sale.